Training course

Successful experience in growing the Mediterranean snails in Ukrainian natural and climatic conditions and the desire to popularize the culture of snail consumption in Ukraine, prompted us to open a business school of snail breeding. With our experience in this area, we strive to change the stereotypical opinion of the Ukrainians that decent money can be earned not only by working hard abroad.

We provide:

  • Professional skills;
  • Practical effective experience, not just theoretical knowledge;
  • A breeding stock or baby snails snail to start a business;
  • Further support and consulting at all stages of reproduction and snail breeding;
  • Assistance in marketing of the product..

We share 100% successful experience

Why to work with us?

  • Successful HELIX ASPERSA MULLER snails growing experience, due to strict compliance with the instructions and adaptation of production technologies to Ukrainian natural and climatic conditions;

  • PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE received from leading European snail breeders, who we have met personally. Thorough studying and analyzing their experience, which is successfully recreated in Ukraine;

  • IN-HOUSE PRODUCTION OF HIGH-QUALITY FEED, which, at the request of our company, was developed at a European institute on the basis of feed analysis of leading European manufacturers. The research resulted in the development of a perfect feed formula that meets the requirements of our climatic zone the best way. It is one of the main factors that affects the growth rate of the snails, their quality and quantity.


- Our farm has accomplished a complete production cycle with successful indicators at each stage. Other farms, due to lack of reliable information and experience, did not reach a predicted growth of the baby snails, meanwhile our farm and the farms that consulted with us, received the desired result at the incubation stage;

- During the first year of work we have achieved the same indicators as our Polish colleagues have received only in the seventh year of their work.

The training course will be interesting for:

  • Those who wish to start their own highly profitable business;
  • Investors who can enlarge money;
  • Businessmen who know market trends and do not miss the opportunity to increase their incomes;
  • Landowners who are looking for opportunities to receive income from their land;
  • Countrymen who would like to start a profitable family business;
  • Workers who are tired of seasonal work and are eager to receive the equal pay without leaving the families;
  • Hard-working, friendly families, who want to receive decent wages for their work;
  • Innovators who are interested in new trends and would like to open a gastronomic tourism business based on their own snail farm.

What do you need to have?

While you hesitate, others are already working and getting the result. Be decisive - choose the best paetners! Our business training school is waiting for you!

  • The desire to open a farm and make money;
  • Place for arrangement of the farm;
  • Initial capital.

You can find out more details and ask questions: +380672081810