Reproduction and incubation period

The reproduction and incubation period begins in March and lasts until the end of May. During this period, the breeding stock is being woken up from hibernated condition, placed on special, as we call them, indoor reproductive tables. In two or three weeks’ time, the snails start laying eggs in the boxes with soil. The boxes are replaced every day and transferred to the rooms where snails continue laying. Strengthened eggs are taken out from the soil and moved to the incubator, where the baby snails start hatching.

Growing in summer parks

Currently in 2018 our summer park is covering 1 hectare of land. It is divided into fields and fenced with special wooden constructions covered with agro-fabric. To prevent spreading of snails, we put salt around the perimeter. Before setting off baby snails into the fields, the field is sown with a variety of rape plant. When reaching a certain size of the plant, and due to favorable weather conditions, wooden shields for feeding and protecting the snails from the sun are placed on the field. In order to provide an appropriate humidity during the growing period, an automated watering system is used.

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