Our story

One warm May afternoon, Alexander with his family and friends were chilling in a restaurant located in a forest area. Alexandr’s daughter ran to him, holding a snail in her palm. The guests admired a forest creature, and one of the friends began a conversation about a well-developed culture of snail consumption in Europe. He said that gradually this topic begins to interest our fellow Ukrainians, who see the considerable profits in snails production, because in Europe demand exceeds the supply.
Alexander liked the new and original idea in Ukraine and shared this with his old friend and business partner Taras. Having developed entrepreneurial abilities and the ability to thrive in market trends, experienced businessmen did not waste time and went to Poland in two weeks time. There, they began to study the market of snail breeding, mastered the subtleties of conducting this activity, and found out the risks of this kind of business. They returned to Ukraine with a firm decision to create their own farm. The imported baby snails started a new, rather exotic, business in Ukraine, that is a farm for breeding and growing snails.
The first year turned out to be experimental. It was not expected to be profitable, because much money was invested in the development of the farm and the impoving of new knowledge abroad, obtained from leading European snail breeders, since there was no reliable information in Ukraine. Having overcome all the difficulties, the farm proved to be successful. We achieved the results only in the second year of work having received 30 tons of product, while our Polish colleagues achieved it in the seventh year of their work.
In such a way, the largest farm of the production of HELIX ASPERSA MULLER snails in Ukraine appeared in Ternopil village of Kozova. The farm is in high demand in the markets of Europe, Asia and the USA. The company, which represents the farm itself, snail breeding products and related services was named ‘Snail Group Company’.